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Commemorative Oar, Banner and Photo in the Long Beach Boathouse

July 2011: John Fletcher and Bob Rogen visit the Long Beach Boathouse. Upon viewing the historical displays they notice to their astonishment there is no display for the memory of the 1974 Long Beach State Lightweight Championship team. They look at each other and say "huh?"

Thus began the effort to place a memory of our team in the Long Beach boathouse to recognize our championship season. An Oar, a banner and a photo would keep the memory of our championship team alive and inspire future Long Beach rowers.

Our John O'Donnell is the Long Beach Boathouse Boatmaster!

August 8, 2012: From Peter
John - Welcome aboard. I have attached our latest roster and the photos that go with it. Please let me know what your contact info is so that I can add it.

We are planning on approaching A.C. Dupont toward the end of this month to arrange for a commemorative oar and a framed photo of the team and its record to be hung up in the boathouse.

After that, we are brainstorming about a 2014 reunion at the San Diego Crew Classic, including a ceremonial row-by of however many boats it will take to float the entire team. Then on to a weekend of fun at our house in La Jolla. In the meantime, regular get-togethers seem the way to go. Our first a couple of weeks ago was an absolute blast, as the participants can tell you.

I'm so glad that you are still participating in Cal State Long Beach Crew.
Warm regards,

Oar on Display

Preparation for Wednesday Meeting with the Boathouse Manager

September 10: From Peter
Team - I went down to the Long Beach boathouse this morning to row...

I met some nice people this morning, including our own John O'Donnell and the head of the Beach Crew Alumni, Brandin Grams. It was the first day on the water for the CSULB novices, so the whole facility was filled with enthusiastic young faces. John didn't recognize me at first, another reminder, as if I needed one, that the intervening years have brought a host of changes to my appearance. Hopefully, rowing regularly over the next year will bring the weight back down to a more reasonable level. Nothing to be done about the hair loss.

I have a favor to ask. Ted, Doug, perhaps Adriaan, and any other local whose schedule will allow, I would be most grateful if you could join me at the boathouse this Wednesday morning at 7AM. Before I go row, I am scheduled to meet with A.C. Dupont, the boathouse manager, and with Brandin to discuss getting our oar and our picture hung up in the boathouse. I met with A.C. last week, and he was very impressed with the picture I gave him of the oar. Brandin has put a photo of our team on his website. In addition, this morning he invited me to speak to the current team at some point.

My general rule (Mallory's Law) is if I completely prepare for a possible negative eventuality, it never happens, but if I don't . . . all hell breaks loose. I'm hoping with your participation Mallory's Law will be in full effect on Wednesday.

Parenthetically, for anybody who feels like it, you could pay your LBRA dues and come on out on the water with me after the meeting on Wednesday. Rowing has always been a social activity for me, and never more that at this time of my life. The two islands went fine this morning . . . but it was lonely out there. One regular LBRA guy kind of hinted this morning that he might want to join in with me sometime soon, but I'm looking forward to rowing with all of you again, and I'd just as soon not wait until the 2014 Crew Classic to do it.

We called a meeting... and a party broke out!

September 12: From Peter
This morning we had a delightful meeting with Brandin Grams of the Beach Crew Alumni. We also talked to the current CSULB varsity men and some of the current coaches. Several guys purchased Beach Crew swag. (A detailed email will be coming from Doug illustrating the shirts and jackets, etc. they have so you can order your own.) It was wonderful for me to see Chuck and Alex for the first time in 38 years, and we just had a terrific time.

Here is what we accomplished:
I will attend the next Beach Crew Alumni board meeting and officially let them know that we are ready to re-engage in supporting the current team. Hopefully, I will briefly take away one of the felt Western Sprints banners so we can have fresh ones made for the 1974, 1980 and 1984 champion crews to be hung in the college bay at the boathouse.

I will get a print of our team photo framed with a caption naming us all and listing some of our accomplishments, and it will be hung with the other CSULB team photos and articles in the boathouse hallway.

In addition, A.C. DuPont, LBRA Captain, will present to the LBRA Board of Directors at their meeting this evening our request that our commemorative oar be placed above the windows that look out on the parking lot in the erg/weight room. Brandin has expressed his support for this, but LBRA is in charge of the common areas of the boathouse. (I have attached a photo of the oar for the Board members to view.) I have also volunteered to add commemorative language to any oars that our LBRA World and Olympic rowers might wish to have hung in the boathouse in the future.

I encourage you all to go to and join the Beach Crew Alumni. I sent in my $25 today. I believe a couple of guys joined Long Beach Rowing Association ( this morning (I rejoined last week.), and I encourage those with the time and the urge to join me sculling around the island. I was out there again this morning after our meeting and breakfast.

Onward to our next mini-reunion leading up to the big event in 2014.

Warm regards,

p.s. Chuck lent me his scrapbook this morning. Scans to follow in the coming days.

Boathouse Meeting

From left to right: Ted Beaty, Alex Fey, Fred Mayfield, Peter Mallory, Doug Corbett, Chuck Wright, Adriaan van der Capellan, John O'Donnell, Ward Sullivan.

September 12: From Bob Rogen
My, oh my. How it does my heart good to see another picture of my old friends/teammates, and three more faces I did not see in July: Hey Alex! Hey John! Hey Chuck!

Thank you Peter for pursuing a process Fletch and I saw as necessary in July 2011 when we met at the boathouse. We had no idea former teammate John O' was an integral part of the organization, a big help. We are on our way now in making this a reality: I'd say we are at the 1400m mark, a seat or two up or down, and ready to take the lead for good.

I look forward to seeing whomever I can on my next visit south.
All be well,

Beach Club Alumni Meeting

September 25: From Peter
Team - I can't make tomorrow night's BCA meeting (mentioned below). I spoke to John O. at the boathouse this morning and asked him to bring up two things for us:

1) The LBRA Board has not given us permission to put our commemorative oar in the boathouse great room. My next suggestion is to place our oar on the back wall of the second CSULB bay, the one with the clock. We would move the clock up a foot or so to make way. John will present that idea to the BCA Board.

2) I am ready to go forward and get a Western Sprint Champion banner made for our 1974 Crew. I have asked John to seek formal approval for that from the Board and to have either the 1980 or the 1984 banner temporarily brought down from the boat bay wall so I can take it to a place to have it copied. We have already discussed this with Brandin. If anybody else would like to act as John's supporter at the meeting, by all means do so.

Warm regards,

Oar on Display

September 28: From John O'Donnell
Hi Pete,

The Beach Crew Alumni (BCA) board and the current team are genuinely interested in hanging the commemorative oar in the boat bay and hanging a banner for the 1974 Western Sprint Championship with the others in bay #2.

I will have one of the 1980 banner taken down next week so that I can provide it to you next time I see you so you can have a similar one produced for the 1974 championship.

Saturday, November 10th, will be an active day at the boathouse for Beach Crew. From about 7:00AM to 11:00AM, the Beach Crew will be sponsoring what has informally become known as the pancake breakfast regatta. We normally have a couple hundred rowers from local schools like Chapman, UC Santa Barbara, UC Irvine, USC, UCLA and LMU compete. The experienced rowers compete in a head race around the island and the new rowers compete in multiple sprint races in Marine Stadium.

Afterwards they are all treated to a pancake breakfast sponsored by our Beach Crew Alumni (BCA). At noon, the team will be dedicating a newly donated Empacher 8 to the men's fleet. At 1:00PM, the BCA will hold their annual meeting where they will elect officers for several positions. I think it should be a goal to have the oar and the new '74 championship banner ready for this day.

Finally, I want to encourage all the members of the 1974 team to show their dedication to Long Beach rowing by becoming members of the BCA whose goal is to promote elite caliber rowing at Long Beach. This goal cannot be achieved without the active support of its past crews.

Regards, John
September 30: From Peter

Wonderful news, John. I still have to apply the decals to the oar as I was not sure we would want it to be a port or starboard until we settled on a final spot on the wall for it.

The agreed-upon spot requires a port oar. I have the hardware to mount the oar and will arrange to do the work sometime this week.

As for the banner, can I pick up one of the current banners when I next come down to the boathouse on Tuesday morning?

October 2: From Bob
John, This is great news. A long journey comes to a successful finish.
Thank you.

Best wishes,

Long Beach State Banners

Commemorative Oar Installed

October 4: From Peter
Brandin - The oar commemorating our 1974 Team has now been professionally installed in the boathouse. I can't tell you how grateful we all are for the recognition.

I picked up the 1980 felt banner from John O. on Tuesday and am awaiting some quotes. I am told the turnaround time may be too long to guarantee the new banner will be ready before the event on November 10, but at least I will get the 1980 banner back by then.

I have turned my attention to the 1974 team portrait to be added to the existing photos hung on the CSULB section of the hallway. I will have a design and dimensions shortly.

Go Beach!
Warm regard

p.s My offer to create commemorative oars for other historic CSULB boats remains open. Just get me an oar appropriate to the period, and I will do the rest.
October 4: From Bob
Success! My thanks to all who made this happen. Beautiful oar Pete.

The looks of "hunh?" that Fletch and I had a year ago at the boathouse are now smiles.

Be well all,

The Banner and Photo

October 12: From Peter
Team -Yesterday I had a very nice conversation with the lady in charge of making our new banner. They have the 1980 banner to copy, and she called to discuss the style of stitching and the colors. Apparently the old banner was made with old technology, but they are going to replicate it very closely. Though it has faded considerably, it appears the old banner began as royal blue with white letters. Felt does not come in a huge variety of colors, but we decided to make the new banner in "light navy" to minimize any clash with the older banners. The letters will have to be white because there is no light gray, only dark gray, which would not work at all.

The old banner will be repaired and a grommet added in the middle of the top border. The new banner will be made with three grommets. Both banners are promised to be back in our hands in time to be hung for the November 10 rowing and breakfast event, so I am very pleased.

I expect to take the team photo to be framed this weekend. Hopefully, it will be ready within a week, well in time to be take its place alongside other special photos in the CSULB section of the hallway from the boathouse front door back to the boat bays.

Other exciting news. There will be an absolutely gorgeous Empacher shell dedicated on November 10. (For those of you of the Pocock generation, Empacher of Germany is one of today's dominant international boatbuilders.)

And Brandin has informed me that the boat bay wall below our commemorative oar will soon become a Donor Wall of Fame. It is amazing how many good things are happening among the Beach Crew Alumni community. Now it is up to us to be sure that some of us as individuals or perhaps our crew as a group earn a prominent spot on that Donor Wall of Fame.

Warm regards,


A 40 Year Rowing Reunion is being planned for 2014. Check back here for details every few islands.