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Reunion Goal
The goal is to have a 40 Year Reunion at the San Diego Crew Classic and participate in that event in some fashion by perhaps having a boat or two competing at the Masters level or even a rowby along with a Reunion Party and a Memorial for those teammates who are no longer with us. Going forward the key is to continue having reunions at various intervals.

Coach Peter Mallory began contacting team members in the spring of 2012. This was not an easy task since we had all gone in different directions, moved to various communities, states and even countries. He had been in contact with John Fletcher and Bob Rogen. Using White Pages and other various on-line tools Pete was able to contact several other team members and they joined in the search effort for the others.

By July enough teammates had been contacted and available for Peter and his wife, Susan, to host a 38 Year Reunion at their lovely home. Since then more members have been found and a couple of other impromptu reunions have been held.

First Reunion, 38 Years, at Peter and Susan Mallory's Home

Saturday, July 21, 2012 at Peter and Susan Mallory's Home in Los Angeles

First time that most of us had reconnected after 38 years! What a great evening seeing old teammates / friends, remembering the championship year and catching up on life events. It seemed like no time had passed.

Photos, scrapbooks, programs and other memorabilia were on display. Food and beverages were available by the pool.

Reunion Laughs

Reunion Table

Midpoint during the evening we assembled in the main room where Peter gave one of his resounding talks thanking us for coming and covering everything from key memories of the past, the continuing search for the Other missing teammates, successes that several teammates had after the 1974 season, the 40 Year Reunion Goal, and the quest to get our commemorative oar, banner and photo in their rightful place in the Long Beach Boathouse.

Peter Mallory

Peter took us into other parts of his and Susan's home where several commemorative oars (including our oar), posters and photos were hung. He regaled us with several stories from the past and provided some key details on events that occurred after the 1974 season.

Toward the end of the evening we reassembled and had several toasts to team memories, lost teammates, and future events together. Wade provided the well traveled/aged and fitting Aqauvit. Seeing old teammates and friends for the first time in years provided one of the best nights of our lives.

Reunion Toast

Les, Marsha, Fred

Les, Marsha, Fred

Hello All,

Sorry I'm late to join in to thank our hosts, Susan and Peter. The years have flown by and all of us have the advantage of a different, and possibly larger, perspective on our year spent together. Among the many physical changes we have all experienced over the years, I notice that more of us are wearing glasses than did 38 years ago and maybe that has allowed us to see things differently as well, certainly not better, but differently.

Many of us have kids who are older than we were in 1974, or are close to the age we were then. I can only hope that our children can experience in their respective lives, the camaraderie and drive toward a common goal, that we lived.

We are older, wiser, mellower, slower and probably more fun than we were then. Hammer On!


Muldoon's Historical Reunion for Bruce Patton

Thursday, August 30, 2012 @ Muldoon's for Bruce Patton's Visit from Australia

Some team members got together at Muldoon's in Long Beach when Bruce, aka Crocodile Dundee, traveled from Down Under to the US. Perfect timing in that his visit occurred right after he had reconnected with the team.

Muldoon's Reunion

From left to right:Ted Beaty, John Fletcher, Alex Fey, Doug Corbett, Bruce Patton, Marsha Waer Reino, Roy Beard, Bruce Banigan

Muldoon's Reunion 2

From Doug
Yes we did!! However, the police station will never be the same!! Here are two of the prime suspects. Roy Beard & Bruce Patton. Now I ask you? "Would you but a used car from these guys????? Just kidding!! Here is the rest of the OC crew. A pretty shady group I must say. Later,


From Alex
Wow - those two guys aren't nearly as hard on the eyes as they were in college! Time has been kind to you, my friends --- be thankful!!

Great seeing everyone! Looking forward to catching up with the rest of you sooner than later. Perhaps on the water or bike path.


From Bob R.
Great picture! All of you look terrific. (Yes Doug, even you).

Pretty special that all who could got together tonight. I thought about all of you and all of us that are getting reconnected. I'd shed a tear but I need my strength for an erg workout tomorrow.


From Roy
Truly great to see everyone who made it to Muldoons. Bruce thanks for the drinks, and glad you made it all the way from Australia with your UCLA rowing shirt.

John Fletcher made it all the way from Malibu, and even though it was not a 14 hour flight, the trip on the 405 probably seemed like it though.


From Chuck
What time did you all finish up? Wish I could have been there.

Dang Bruce, are you aging backwards ... same with you Marsha and Roy! ..Is it the Guinness?


From Ken
No, no, no, Chuck! It's the "aura effect". If you'll look closely at that group shot, you'll see that Marsha, obviously, has got it goin' on - like a fine wine, she just gets better. So much so, in fact, that she's got that beauty aura jumpin' off, and anyone close enough to her picks up a little bit of that and actually looks better (e.g. Doug and Bruce). It has a very limited radius, however, and has no power over the likes of Doug Corbett. It's simple metaphysics.

From Marsha
Ken, you are so good! I enjoyed the laugh.

I had such a great time. It was nice seeing new (old) faces. The years just melt away around all of you. Chuck, that is the secret. The joy of being together again, and rediscovering how special all of you truly are.

Bruce, thanks for the drinks. I will have to take you up on that offer to visit Sydney. I am considering biking around Southeast Asia. Maybe I will drop by.

To the rest of you slugs - get off your couch, call in sick and join us! Since I was in charge, I am making this a retro- active order.


From Les
I'm with Ken........you're a rose among thorns.......I would have petaled over, sept my petal has no mettle. I know it wasn't the Guinness that makes you all look so good, cause it hasn't helped me. Here's too past joys renewed, Cheers!

Nice to see all your ugly mugs, especially you guys, Alex, Bruce, and Roy, who weren't at Pete's.


From Doug
To All of my fellow oarsmen, coach and our fearless leader Marsha, I will admit it was a great time at Muldoons. I'm sorry I didn't get a good shot of Alex or our group. But when your shooting through the bottom of a beer stein from the floor..... what the hell do you expect. However,! agree with Ken, Chuck & Bob, Marsha can make even an old battle scared curmudgeon like me look.... well maybe not.

I personally think we should plan on a "Row By" in Sidney Harbor? Maybe we could row from Australia to New Zealand? Is that farther that Long Beach to USC? This time we ALL get hats to wear! Just a suggestion, lets make our next meeting on a Saturday morning with bikes and ride to somewhere that won't kill us works in progress? Sound good? See you all soon, Doug


From Bruce P.
Well it appears that I am the late one to respond....a bit of jet lag mixed with a drive to the desert I think.

Thank you all for showing up to Muldoon's! It was amazing to see those of you who could make the round-up on Thursday. The 4 hours together just slipped by....like the last 38 years. You all look fantastic and it was encouraging to hear how personally successful each of you have been. Not surprising given the tenacity the group displayed in '74. Looking back through the past, there are a few things I would do differently, but I would not change one moment of the year of '74. Although it was a flash to look back over those years in a 4 hour get together, it was easy to pick up where we left off and hope that we can do it again sooner than later......don't think I will make it another 38 yrs.

I agree my trip out probably was easier than Fletcher's drive from Malibu....much appreciated John. I will drive north next time around. The surf is near my doorstep in Manly so anytime you want to row down from Bali or hook a ride on one of the wooden boats smuggling in the illegals from Jakarta.

I had this dream last night....I assume it came from spending most of my life in the obscure world of marketing. In the dream I could not help but to think that there was hidden in the experiences of '74 some branding opportunity that we should all consider. I was thinking, as with the success of the brand "FCUK", how about we register the brand logo "CrewU". It would feature a slick 8 shell or maybe a hybrid super 12 designed by Mallory with Black Hawk Heli blades stroked by Bruce B. and coxed by Marsha in a bikini made from old winning rowing shirts. Ted would sort out all the design particulars from his years at Boeing. The rest of us....would have our mug shots placed on specimen bodies. We would license the brand to Les to put on a bottle of his reserve cabernet. John would handle all the legal stuff and Doug would manage the packaging end of things. Roy, Alex and myself and any other volunteers would be the tasters and would be responsible for fondling...mean handling, the bikini shots with Marsha for the boat. The boat and team would be featured in Pete's new book with the wine initially sold to all his old crew legends around the world. THEN I WOKE UP in a pool of sweat....yes it was just sweat. Like all good dreams, I'm not sure what happened after that, but you know anything is possible....just like '74.

You are all welcome to row down to Australia at anytime. Sounds like some of you have trips planned in the next few years. You are welcome at anytime and we can house several at one time and board the overflow close by. Google Freshwater Beach (or Queenscliff Bay) next to Manly, you will read that this is the place that the famous Hawaiian Duke K introduced surfing to Australia. It is the quite part of Sydney and where we hide out.

For those of you energized to row a competitive 4 or 8 again we would say in Australia "good on ya mate. Just make sure your speedos ( budgie smugglers) aren't to tight and your Sheila has your sunnies packed in the esky with a few beers" ......you will need it.


From Alex
I don't know what you were drinking at Muldoons, but send me a case. Think you ought to pitch the idea to Seth MacFarlane in Hollywood, but insist on keeping the rights of course. I can begin to visualize the animation. Yeah, it could work!

Thanks for the drinks. The tucker's on me the next time around. See you all around the weight room.


We Called a Meeting ... and a Party Broke Out!

September 12, 2012 at the Long Beach Boathouse

This morning we had a delightful meeting with Brandin Grams of the Beach Crew Alumni. We also talked to the current CSULB varsity men and some of the current coaches. Several guys purchased Beach Crew swag. It was wonderful for me to see Chuck and Alex for the fiirst time in 38 years, and we just had a terrific time.

Here is what we accomplished: I will attend the next Beach Crew Alumni board meeting and officially let them know that we are ready to re-engage in supporting the current team. Hopefully, I will briefly take away one of the felt Western Sprints banners so we can have fresh ones made for the 1974, 1980 and 1984 champion crews to be hung in the college bay at the boathouse.

I will get a print of our team photo framed with a caption naming us all and listing some of our accomplishments, and it will be hung with the other CSULB team photos and articles in the boathouse hallway.

In addition, A.C. DuPont, LBRA Captain, will present to the LBRA Board of Directors at their meeting this evening our request that our commemorative oar be placed above the windows that look out on the parking lot in the erg/weight room. Brandin has expressed his support for this, but LBRA is in charge of the common areas of the boathouse. (I have attached a photo of the oar for the Board members to view.) I have also volunteered to add commemorative language to any oars that our LBRA World and Olympic rowers might wish to have hung in the boathouse in the future.

I encourage you all to go to http://www.beachcrew.org/ and join the Beach Crew Alumni. I sent in my $25 today. I believe a couple of guys joined Long Beach Roeing Association (http://www.longbeachrowing.org/) this morning (I rejoined last week.), and I encourage those with the time and the urge to join me sculling around the island. I was out there again this morning after our meeting and breakfast.

Onward to our next mini-reunion leading up to the big event in 2014.

Warm regards,

Reunion at Boathouse

From left to right: Ted Beaty, Alex Fey, Fred Mayfield, Peter Mallory, Doug Corbett, Chuck Wright, Adriaan van der Capellan, John O'Donnell, Ward Sullivan.

From Peter
Did you notice the nose of the William Lockyer above our heads? All that is left of our era.

From Ken
I feel like I'm looking at part of my soul.

Future Activities

Get togethers, Rows, Ergometer workouts, Team Goal...

From Peter:
The team goal should be to get everyone healthy and into a boat for a 40th Anniversary row-by at the 2014 San Diego Crew Classic with special reunion shirts and reunion oars.

Philadelphia Meeting with Peter

I am pleased to report that my excuse for not being at the Thursday gettogether was that I was running a clinic and holding a party of my own in Philadelphia this week. Good friend of Long Beach John Phelps attended, along with teammates and competitors of mine from the 1960s and other good friends I made while writing my book. No aura effect, i'm afraid, but we had an awesome time. Now back to Los Angeles. Will be home this afternoon. Isn't life grand!

Philadelphia Reunion

1988 Olympic Silver Medalist, Penn A.C.'s Dave Krmpotich, 1960s Undine Barge Club Lightweight sculler, now Philadelphia fixture Judge Jimmy Lynn, LTJG Philip Mallory, my son and coach at Granby High School in Norfolk, Virginia, Penn Prof. Andrea Applebee, Bill Belden, 1974 & 1979 World Men's Lightweight Singles Champion, Jonathan Walsh, Penn undergrad and Penn A.C. single sculler, Lawrence Walsh, U.S. Champion Lightweight Single Sculler and my teammate at Penn and Undine during the 1960s, xxx Dominguez, Sandra Dominguez, Gardner Cadwalader, my Penn teammate, PanAm Champion and Olympian, Mike Mann and Peter Gelb, my Penn Lightweight teammates, Jeannie and John Cantrill, my Penn Lightweight and Undine teammate, Bob Madden and David Kacala, worthy opponents of mine from Vesper Boat Club during the 1960s, Martin Dominguez, my Penn Lightweight and Undine teammate, now an architect in Madrid, John Phelps, member of my 1972 Penn Freshman Lightweight and 1974 LBRA teams. Mary Walsh, New York Times correspondent, Verity Walsh, Stotesbury Champion and Columbia University sophomore, Fred Duling, legendary lightweight sculler from Malta Boat Club, longtime double partner to Bill Belden, participant in the Philadelphia Turkey Trot something like 53 times, and planning on making it 54 this November, and me, Peter Mallory, coach, sometime author and good friend to all these fine people.

From Bob (unapologetic name dropper)

Whoa, some heavy hitters in there: Belden, Duling, Cadwalader. I used to do "Beldens", or at least try to. Wonder where Perry Meek, Huge Stevenson, Walter Updegrave, and Gunter Quist are these days? Great seeing Philip, too. Terrific top see my dear friend John Phelps there (all: John Phelps was in my wedding party on June 20, 1982 and Fletch was there as well, hungry as a wolf). Really great reunion for you Pete: that makes at least three this summer alone. Well done.

Les, Jay, Randy, Marsha, Adriaan

A 40 Year Rowing Reunion is being planned for 2014. Check back here for details every few islands.